Mom to Mom: Spooky Halloween shirts

(41NBC/WMGT) — Mandy Williamson brings a fun and easy activity for your family to do during the spooky season!  All you need is bleach, a spray bottle, a shirt, and some letter stickers or cutouts.

Lay your shirt out on a trash bag to prevent any mess, then place your letters onto your shirt to spell out whatever word you like.

After all of your prep work is done, get ready to spray the shirt with the bleach in the spray bottle. You can even crinkle the shirt up in areas to add more interesting shapes and textures. Then, just spray the bleach! the lighter you spray, the more orange the final product will appear, whereas the more bleach you spray down, the closer to white the final product will look.

You should let your shirt dry for a few hours before peeling your letters off to see the end results!

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