Mom to Mom: Spend Save Share Jars

Spend, Save, Share Jars

In this segment of Mom to Mom, here’s a creative way to help your kids learn how to save their money. When it comes to educating our kids about money, we don’t really know where to start. 

That’s why these spend, save, share jars are the perfect way to go. 


So let’s talk about spending. Sometimes our kids come to us and they’re like, “Can we have some candy? Can we have all these small little things at the store?” 

Well, this is a perfect way to do that. They can put some money away in their little spend jar. 


If there’s something that they want to save up for, I don’t know, a PS5, this is the best way to do that. They can put a little bit away each time they get some money.


This one’s probably my favorite. Anytime they have a birthday party they need to go to, or maybe a charity that they want to donate some money too, they could take money out of their share jar. 

So it helps them learn a little bit about money, where they need to put it, and they value things a lot better when they actually do stuff like this. I personally love this idea. But since you have three jars, you don’t want them being knocked off the counter or wherever they’re going to be stored. 

So you can find a really cool box at either any craft store or if you just happen to have one lying around your house, as I did, it’s great to put these in.

Then I went and got these fun stickers at the craft store as well. And if you really want to personalize it, you can put their name on it.

I happen to have these letters just hanging around, so I can take them off, put them on the box with his name on it. And that way, he knows this is his spend, save, share box. 

As parents, we are the biggest influences on our kids. That’s why these jars are the best tool to help your kids learn how to spend, save, and share.

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