Mom to Mom: Nature’s Treasure Box

Spending too much time in the house? In this segment of Mom To Mom, Mandy gives you a fun excuse to get your kids outside. 

We call this game Nature’s Treasure Box. It’s a fun activity for your kids, not only to get them outside, but it gets them exploring and learning all about nature. 

A treasure hunt outside 

  1. You get an empty egg carton.
  2. Send your kids outside
  3. Say, you find 12 things that they find interesting, or they just want to collect.

And they don’t have to do this all in one day, they can just build their collection to their liking. 

Some examples could be sending them outside to find different types of flowers. Maybe different types of rocks, different kinds of seeds, different types of leaves, it can really just be anything. 

This is good for kids ages two to about six. It gets them outside exploring, it gets them talking, it creates great motor skills, they can jump, play, it just gets our little minds working and they’re able to communicate about the fun stuff that they found.

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