Mississippi Power to assist Georgia Power with Irma outages

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – One concern people in Georgia may not have to worry about as the storm passes is a quick response from Georgia Power.

Several hundred workers are already in Macon-Bibb preparing for Irma and the power line problems it may cause.

But, they aren’t in it alone on this one. In fact, their own employees will work side by side with other out of state utilities employees, and they won’t rest until every last line down is back up and running.

“We work together across state lines, across all utility lines to make sure we get this service back on to customers as quickly as possible,” said Georgia Power’s Theresa Robinson.

So, Hurricane Irma isn’t the only powerful entity mobilizing.

“We have a crew of about a hundred personnel coming in 72 line crew,” said Mississippi Power’s Gareth Clary.

Crews from Mississippi Power will join Georgia Power in the fight to keep the lights on through the storm.

“We had a team from Meridian, a team from Hattiesburg and a team from Gulfport that left around 7:30 this morning,” he continued.

Robinson says they’re still unsure what Monday will bring, but leaving customers in the dark just wasn’t an option.

“We wanna make sure that Georgia has its power restored as quickly as possible so our crews will work around the clock to make sure that happens,” she added.

Clary sees it as returning a favor after Katrina clobbered the gulf coast back in 2005.

“When we get the call to go help someone else, the guys are always eager to get out and go help because a lot of people came and helped us when we needed them,” he said.

Booked hotels and full shelters didn’t stop them either. Between 500 and 600 men are staying inside the Coliseum at the Macon Centerplex.

“We’re fortunate to be able to use the Coliseum to stage our personnel that are coming in from other areas,” said Robinson.

“They’ve got our cots out and they’ve got our linens ready for us and we’re gonna have a good meal tonight and I’m sure we’ll eat good tomorrow and be ready to go work,” Clary added.

Robinson says they won’t move their crews outside of Georgia to fix power outages until every outage in state is handled.

From there they’ll go to Florida to help.

She recommends if you experience a power outage to turn your AC Unit off, so that in the event that there is a power surge your HVAC unit isn’t damaged.


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