Milledgeville police warning drivers of deer-related car crashes

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Milledgeville police officers are warning drivers of an increase in deer-related car crashes in recent weeks. 

Driving at 50 and 60 mph — chances are you won’t see them until it’s too late. 

Milledgeville Police Sgt. Jason Lopez says this deer and car collision is the most bizarre and intense he’s seen in the 15 years he’s worked with the department. 

“They’ll usually not even see the deer. They’ll come out of the wood lines or they’ll be grazing somewhere close to the ditch areas and they’ll come out and cross the roadways for whatever reason they do and they’ll make contact with them,” Lopez said. 

Lopez calls North Columbia Street a “hot zone” for deer-related car crashes in the city — trees and woods line the busy road. 

“They do seem to have more increased accidents during the colder months,” Lopez said. 

“They’re moving a lot more than what they normally would just because of the time of year it is, it’s breeding season. So you’ve got bucks and does out and about traveling more so,” Sgt. Tony Fox with the state’s department of natural resources said. 

Lopez warns drivers should slow down and be vigilant at night. 

“If you see one expect to see more. Usually it’s not the first one you see that runs out in front of you that gets hit, it’s the second one that you don’t see,” Fox said. 

“When you’re traveling these areas, if you would specifically realize, hey I need to slow down and consciously decide that you need to be more cautious of where you’re looking and where things are,” Lopez said. 

A University of Georgia study found there more than 45,000 deer-vehicle collisions from 2005-2012. 

Sgt. Lopez says if you crash into a deer — don’t leave the scene, it’s better to call 911 to assess any damages or possible injuries. 

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