Milledgeville Police provide update on effectiveness of school zone safety cameras on Highway 49

The school zone speed cameras on Highway 49 have been up and running for two months now.
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School Zone Cameras Update
Milledgeville Police Department

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — The school zone speed cameras on Highway 49 have been up and running for two months now.

The goal for the cameras is to reduce speed and improve the safety of the students that attend Baldwin High School.

Residents, however, say they are still seeing drivers speed through the school zone.

“I was encouraged that they were going to try to do something about people speeding up and down this part of 49,” Charles Cofer, who’s lived across the road from the school 10 years now, said. “The Department of Transportation put traffic lights a block up there and that helped a lot.”

Cofer says he hasn’t seen many cars slow down since the cameras went up.

“People speeding up and down this part of 49, my kids walk over to the school, so it can be very dangerous for them at times,” he said.

Karen Clayton, who works at the Circle K across from the school, says she was also looking forward to the cameras going up.

“Well they slow down,” she said. “But only at certain times, and then they’re right back at it. They speed and they come in here and tell me all the time, ‘They got me. They got me.'”

Milledgeville Police say the cameras are showing a significant decrease in speeders.  More than 1,800 warnings were given in November and more than 1,100 tickets were given in December.

“We did a traffic study which showed a significant problem with speeding in that area,” Maj. Linc Boyer said. “We’ve had several speeders in the high 70s coming through the school zone.”

Maj. Boyer says the department’s goal is to continue to decrease the number of speeders in the school zone.

“Two teachers have been killed in front of Baldwin High School right there where those cameras are,” Maj. Boyer said. “That’s another big factor on why those cameras are there as well.”


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