Milledgeville Police Department prepares for road checks this summer

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Milledgeville Police Department’s Specialized Patrol Unit (SPU) is preparing for 100 Days of Summer H.E.A.T.

The Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic (H.E.A.T) initiative is aimed to reduce the number of injuries, traffic accidents and fatalities on Georgia highways.

The campaign stems from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).

“The Summer H.E.A.T. program has been very successful in specifically targeting driving behaviors that lead to motor vehicle accidents. We have seen the program’s success as a reduction in the number of accidents over the past few years and we want to continue striving for safe roadways for the citizens and visitors of Milledgeville,” said Maj. John Davis, MPD patrol commander.

H.E.A.T will begin May 21 and go until September 3.

The Milledgeville Police Department will choose different locations based on roadways with high numbers of complaints and traffic accidents.

“Overall enforcement during H.E.A.T. in past years has had a positive impact on the City of Milledgeville. Yes, we still enforce traffic laws and write citations to violators, but we have increased efforts to educate, inform and become more involved in the community, which goes a long way,” said Lt. Reenae Gray, SPU’s head supervisor.

In August, officers will move H.E.A.T. operations to school zones.

“During the summer, there are kids out of school and families traveling for vacation. Then right around the corner, school starts and you have parents on the road trying to get their kids to school. This is why we want to make sure these families and these motorists are safe on the roads at all times. We want to look out for people who are putting them in danger,” said Officer Davis Descoteaux, a member of the SPU team.

“100 Days of H.E.A.T. gets people to pay closer attention to their driving habits. That’s a good thing for long-term-highway safety,” Gray said. “If we can encourage drivers to use seatbelts, follow speeding laws, and not to drink and drive, we will improve the safety of our roads here in Milledgeville tremendously.”

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