Middle Georgia teen’s art on display at Bloomfield Recreation Center

Serenity began painting when she was about 4-years-old, and could tell her daughter's talent was more advanced.
Teen Art Exhibit
14 year old Serenity Wright will have her first art exhibit at the Bloomfield Recreation Center.

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)— 14-year-old Serenity Wright will have her first art show Wednesday night, at the Bloomfield Gilead Recreation Center. Center Director, William Pollard, says it’s an effort to highlight young talent in the area.

Sabrina Wright is Serenity’s mother. She says Serenity began painting when she was about 4-years-old, and could tell her daughter’s talent was more advanced. She says Serenity expresses herself through her art.

“Every time she painted even when she was little ‘momma look at this’ or ‘I got something for you momma.’ And it just makes me feel good to know that she’s getting a reward so to speak, she’s recognized for what she do,” said Wright.

Wright says she and her daughter would visit the Recreation Center regularly. Wright showed Pollard some of her daughter’s work, and knew he had to give her a chance to do an exhibit. Pollard says the exhibit is an opportunity to inspire other young people in the community.

“In a community like Bloomfield and the city just as a whole people need an opportunity to see what young people can do,” said Pollard. “Instead of looking at what young people are doing wrong let’s see a young person that’s doing something right.”

Wright says Serenity uses her creativity with things like sewing and makeup, and even made her own dress for the exhibit.

She says getting the chance to do an exhibit is exciting for Serenity.

“She was kind of like me, she didn’t believe it and she was like wow, she was like I can’t believe it I’m pinching myself,” said Wright.

Pollard hopes to continue doing art exhibits on a monthly basis.

“Anybody who’s expressing themselves in an artistic form that says something about our city, something about our community, and in particular about themselves. Why not give them the opportunity to showcase themselves,” Pollard said.

If you missed out on the exhibit, Serenity’s work will continue to be displayed at the Bloomfield Recreation Center through the middle of August.


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