Middle Georgia Cold Cases: Hotel Homicide

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Almost 15 years ago to the day, a hotel clerk in Perry was shot and killed while on the clock. Police officers had checked in with Carlton Green Sr. an hour before his murder and everything was fine. 

When they came back to the hotel, Green was dead. 

Routines — police officers in Perry go by them all the time, patrolling areas throughout the city including hotels. one may night in 2000 was unlike any other.

“We had an officer come by on May 29th at about 11:30 that night, checked in on the clerk, Mr. Green. He actually saw him sitting in the hotel lobby,” Lt. Ken Ezell says. 

Carlton Green Sr., an ex-military man who worked several years at what was then a Best Western, waved at officers passing by every evening.

The 44-year-old worked the overnight shift. 

After waving at officers, something happened to Green. Lt. Ezell remembers the panicked phone call.

“…received a call back at around 12:30 a.m., just about an hour later in reference to some shots fired and some folks screaming in the hotel,” Ezell says. 

Green was dead.

Investigators tracked down his last steps in the hotel, passing blood stained hallways, finding his body with several gunshot wounds at the end of the hall.

But what happened?

“It appears that the suspect chased Mr. Green down the hall. Fired four shots at Mr. Green. Mr. Green was struck in the leg several times and knocked to the floor at that time. The suspect then approached Mr. Green and fired one single round into the bridge of his nose from fairly close range,” Ezell says. 

He isn’t sure why Green was a target. 

“Haven’t found anything that would lead us to believe he was the target of some person’s rage, other than somebody came into rob the place and he was unluckily caught in that,” he says.

The longtime detective adds Green had little family in the area, and Ezell hasn’t been in contact with them in years.

“Everybody that I’ve spoken with has spoke highly of him,” he says. 

Lt. Ezell says he’s frustrated with this case because a few months prior to the murder there was a robbery at the hotel. He says if cameras had been installed, solving this case would have been a lot easier.

Little clues helped police in trying to solve the case. A Nike Cortez footprint and shell casings from a .380 caliber handgun were the only pieces of evidence they found.

Detectives interviewed every hotel guest and people at nearby stores and restaurants, and were led to this man. No name, but a rasterized image based off of descriptions of the robber from the months before. 

Perry police even made a reenactment with the help of Macon Regional Crimestoppers — still nothing. Now Ezell is hoping someone remembers something as he continues to wait for justice.

“It’s one of things I would love to be able to clear up before I move on from the department,” Ezell says. 

Both Perry PD and Crimestoppers still have a reward out in this case totaling almost $5,000. If you have any information on who killed Carton Green Sr. call the Perry Police Department at 478-988-2800.

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