Mercer students honor Korean War veterans

Mercer students are doing their part to honor Korean War veterans.
Mercer Mission
Dr. Paul Cable honored for Korean War service with plaque.

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Mercer students are doing their part to honor Korean War veterans.

Mercer Mission began in 2015, with part of the program honoring Korean War veterans.

Dr. Sinjae Hyun, a professor for the Biomedical Engineering Department at Mercer University, says the school decided to incorporate plaques with 3D printed faces to honor veterans this year.

So far, students have honored 11 Korean veterans and two American Korean War veterans, including former Mercer professor Dr. Paul Cable.

“His son, Paul Cable, is my friend at church, so I ask him, ‘Hey Paul, is it possible to make a plaque of appreciation for your daddy?'” And he said, ‘Oh great,'” Dr. Hyun said.

His sons, Jim and Paul Cable, accepted the plaque in their father’s honor Thursday. They say he was a humble man and probably wouldn’t have wanted the honor.

“We dragged stories out from him from time to time, and he would give us a hint of what he did. That’s probably why he was so humble, because it was something that he did to serve his country. He was proud of that, but that was the extent of it.”

Savannah Richie, who is part of the Mercer Mission program, traveled to South Korea to present those 11 Korean veteran plaques to their Congress. She says honoring the veterans is meaningful to her.

“When you’re spending hours designing whatever in the background, it can be easy to forget what you’re working for,” Richie said. “But seeing that finally get passed on is really rewarding.”

While Dr. Cable was a humble man who didn’t think of himself as a hero, Dr. Hyun says Koreans view Americans who fought in the Korean War differently.

“They’re named hero by Korean people, because as Koreans, those who sacrificed, also those who participated in Korean War, is hereos,” he said.

If you would like to nominate a Korean War veteran based in Georgia, email Dr. Hyun at

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