Mentor’s Project luncheon motivates teens to live successful lives

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – More than 30 Bibb County students crowded into the Mentor’s Project’s office on Mulberry Street to learn how to live a successful life.

“You wanna to make the right the choices not the wrong choices,” says Miyanna Parham

Parham says she learned about making the right decisions during the Mentor’s Project of Bibb County luncheon on Thursday.

Nearly three dozen students are spending their spring break listening to guest speakers talk about the importance of avoiding criminal activity and living more successful lives.

“I know somebody that has been in jail before, so I was thinking that it will never happen to me,” added Parham.

Guest speakers told the students how easily people can be swept into a life of crime. Forty-nine year-old Eric Chaplin shared his experiences with them. Chaplin says he spent 30 years behind bars for drug, alcohol, and robbery convictions.

“Nobody is exempt from it,” says Chaplin. “It’s easy, it’s so many ways that people can get lured to using drugs, to women selling their bodies, to men preying on them at a young age, by offering them things which is nothing but a lie.”

Jaylon Williams says she’ll take what she learned and use it in her everyday life.

“I will be more aware of who I talk to, what I do, and who I hang with,” explained Williams. “So that I won’t get caught up in the mess that was presented today.”

The Director of Success is My Visual, Joshua Peltier, instructed the students on how to effectively communicate. Peltier started by demonstrating the proper handshake.

“If a young person can understand that their smallest actions their non-verbals, the blinking of the eyes, their looking away, their looking down, at people not shaking their hands, they’re communicating something that’s not going to be effective,” explained Peltier.

June O’Neal is the Executive Director of the Mentor’s Project. O’Neal says they wanted to do the event because of the recent shootings in Bibb County.

“We do not want the thumb print of our community to be the bloodbath of our young men,” says O’Neal.

All in the hopes of keeping more teens making the right decisions, to graduate from high school, going to college, getting jobs and living long productive lives.

“One choice to get into a car that doesn’t belong to you that doesn’t belong to your friend, you could wind up in the cemetery or the penitentiary,” added O’Neal.

The Mentor’s Project will host its 16th Annual Achievement Banquet on May 5 at Vineville United Methodist Church.

O’Neal says they are looking for volunteers for the Mentor’s Project. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or volunteer, call (478) 765-8624.

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