Medical specialist warn New Year’s Eve celebrants about firework safety

MACON, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT) – The days left in 2016 are numbered but the possibilities of fire related accidents are endless.

Doctors at Navicent Health say safety should still be everyone’s number one concern this New Year’s Eve.

According to emergency medical special Zeke Terrell, 12,000 people were treated last year in emergency departments across the nation for incidents of fire related injuries.

Almost 10% of those were patients under the age of five years old. Terrell says taking precautions and keeping children at a safe distance is key.

“Small children have a difficult time getting out of the way of fireworks…they just don’t have the reaction time..and also they’re typically burns we see on children,” said Dr. Terrell.

Terrell told 41NBC New Year’s Eve celebrants should also beware of celebratory gunfire as they’re out and about.

“This happens every year most people think its not that big of a deal but when a projectile is fired in the air it comes down slower than it exits the gun however the velocity that it comes down is high enough to penetrate someone’s skin and kill somebody,” he said.

“There’s a 32 % mortality rate for celebratory gunfire. This is five times higher than regular gunfire,” he added.

He added that both are equally potential dangers to try and avoid while out on the town.

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