Medical facilities prepare for potential supplies shortage due to coronavirus

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Amid the coronavirus outbreak, local medical facilities are preparing for a decrease in supplies, especially those manufactured in China.

“We are seeing supply shortages around the country that comes with supply chain disruptions with a lot of our medical equipment and items being manufactured outside of the country,” said Michael Hokanson with the North Central Health District.

“We receive a lot of supplies from China. There’s always a possibility we can see a decrease in our supplies later,” said Brandi Jones, the director of infection prevention with Coliseum Medical Centers.

Jones adds that the hospital takes inventory weekly and monitors supplies, just in case the virus grows.

Jones says it’s fine to use products from China. The shortage may come from people calling out sick. This results in factories producing less supplies like masks.

She says there is no need to rush out and buy masks.

“If you buy all the masks now or wear them when they’re not needed, then we won’t have them when we do need them,” she said. So it’s important we use the supplies we have in the best way we can.”

Hokanson says it’s just a matter of being resourceful.

“We’re obviously prioritizing how we’re using the supplies that we have on hand,” he said. “We’re hoping at some of the higher levels, they’re looking at how the supply chain disruptions are going to be overcome in the next few months to make sure that not just us, but every other hospital and medical facilities gets the supplies they need.”

Despite not needing to wear a mask, Jones recommends frequently washing your hands.

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