McDonald’s testing new breakfast Happy Meal

Today, McDonald’s will begin testing a breakfast Happy Meal at 73 locations in the Tulsa area.

USA Today says the meals will feature more kid-focused items than the options on the adult menu, with a choice between two McGriddles or a new egg and cheese McMuffin that comes without Canadian bacon.

The addition of breakfast would be the first major new choice for the Happy Meal in more than three decades.

Cadillac is offering buyouts to hundreds of small dealerships.

Automotive News says the dealers can take 180-thousand dollars instead of making the necessary improvements to their facilities the company is requiring.

They will have until November 21st to decide whether to take the money and wind down by the end of 2017 or to remain with the brand as it tries to catapult itself back into the top tier of luxury brands.

Stocks finished the day lower Friday but the week higher.

Tumbling oil prices dragged down energy shares on Friday.

The Dow fell 131 points.

Many money managers will be watching the first presidential debate tonight to hear policy position on the economy and any surprises could impact stocks tomorrow.

Lululemon sees a future where almost half of its sales are from men.

Bloomberg says it hopes to get much of those sales from overseas where the brand isn’t as closely associated with women.

The brand’s ‘ABC’ pants for men helped fuel growth last year.

A company that sells pills that claims to reverse graying hair, has been fined for deceptive practices.

The company is called Coorga Pharmaceuticals and must pay 391 thousand dollars to the Federal Trade Commission.

According to, Coorga’s claims weren’t supported by reliable science.

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