Mayor Shaheen Fires Back After Recordings Released

Warner Robins Councilman Bob Wilbanks released an audio recording of a closed session meeting of the Warner Robins City Council. Wilbanks accuses Chuck Shaheen of a personal grudge against Warner Robins Police Chief Brett Evans.

In the recording Shaheen tells council members about a grand jury foreman contacting him about the conduct of Police Chief Evans, and the suicide of former Mayor Donald Walker.

Shaheen goes on to explain the Grand Jury foreman saw a problem with the initial investigation, after finding out there was gun residue on the hand of a person that we will not identify at this time.

While Wilbanks says a grand jury never contacted the mayor, Mayor Shaheen says he did meet with the grand jury and wants to move forward.

“I wanted to serve the people of Warner Robins, when I became the mayor I had no idea that I was going to get called to the grand jury about this. In hindsight I want to move our city forward. That’s what I would say, should I have called an investigation? You know if the GBI wants to do an investigation then let them do an investigation,” said Shaheen.

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