You may experience anxiety this holiday season

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Christmas is known as the holiday for giving, but when you factor in time and energy, it’s important to know how much you can actually give.

Jessica Hatcher, Assistant Vice Presdient for the Coliseum Center for Behavioral Health, said your time is precious.

“Protecting your time during the holidays is something that’s very important to kind of help lower those stress levels and anxiety problem that we experience,” Hatcher said.

She said it’s also important to think ahead.

“Do your best to plan out how you’re going to use your free time. What are the things that you must get done and what are the things you can prioritize as a little bit lower or later on your list,” Hatcher said. says anxiety is the reaction to situations perceived as stressful or dangerous.

Hatcher said when you experience anxiety there are ways to deal with it.

“It has to do with just staying grounded and stopping some of the thoughts that we sometimes get carried away with, thoughts of I’m never gonna get this finish, my child isn’t gonna have those things that they’ve asked for on the list,” she said.

Hatcher said you can use positive words against those thoughts.

“Yes I can get this done, yes this will be finished today, those positive affirmations that you can say or things that you can challenge those anxiety provoking thoughts,” she said.

Also, you can schedule time to relax and rest.

Hatcher said caring for yourself is very important and affects everything we do and how we interact with people daily.

“If we don’t prioritize ourself, even in the short term doing little things that take care of yourself and say I’m important to me, then we end up having repercussions in every area of our life,” Hatcher said.

So remember to make time for you this holiday season.

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