Marco tours Milledgeville, falls in love

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — The city of Milledgeville was very kind, allowing us access to Milly, the yet-to-be-unveiled new trolley (as of the airing of this story).  Yes, brand-spanking new.  

The first stop was the Old Capital Museum.  You can easily see its Gothic structure — the spires reaching high toward the heavens.  From 1807 to 1868, this building served as the capital of Georgia.  Now, you can walk through the building to browse through Milledgeville history in the course of an afternoon.  Inside this building are the old legislative chambers where secession talks took place.

After finishing there, we took our trolley to Andalusia.  Andalusia was home to American author Flannery O’Connor.  She wrote two novels and two short story collections while living in this place.  We also found a beautiful blue peacock in a cage beside the house.  Unfortunately, it did not show off its wings while we were there.

We rounded up the tour with the Old Governor’s Mansion.  From 1838 to 1868, this was where Georgia governors lived.  I learned recliners existed in the 19th century.  The recliner in the story was the first patented recliner and belonged to Governor Brown, Georgia’s governor during the Civil War.  

One thing that stood out to me — a small detail, but something I never knew — was the look of the playing cards.  No numbers were on the cards! You had to count the amount of suits on the card and do the math.  The backs were blank, lacking the usual red and blue patterns we’re used to seeing.

We also walked through a hidden staircase, tucked behind-the-scenes and away from the guests.  Slaves used this staircase to travel quickly from the first to the third floor bedrooms.

Like a passing sun shower, this tour was over before I knew it.  But Milledgeville treated me so well.  Thanks so much for the hospitality.  I know I’ll be back.

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