Macon store owner flies Confederate flag outside of business as an experiment

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A Macon business owner is flying the Confederate flag outside of his downtown store. The owner tells 41NBC it is part of an experiment and he hopes to start a conversation about this ongoing controversy.

“It’s part of history, it’s a part of a history for a lot of these states in the south, it’s part of their foundations,” Anthony Harris, the owner of the store Seven located on Second Street in downtown Macon said.

Harris is talking about the Confederate flag. He started flying the old southern symbol in front of his business on Monday.

“It’s so much more than hate. I don’t believe it has anything to do with hate at all,” Harris said.

Harris decided to start an experiment in light of the recent racially motivated church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. It sparked a nationwide debate over the Confederate flag. He used to fly a pirate flag outside of his store. He is now changing the banner every seven days.

“I followed it up with another flag and then I did the American flag one week and so on and so forth,” Harris said.

This week it is the Confederate flag. It is causing some controversy and starting conversations.

“If it is something chained to somebody’s past to remind them of something evil and wicked, it should be stripped. It should be removed,” Michael Schlette said.

“I don’t like what it stands for, but it still doesn’t take away his right to fly the flag. But I also have the right not to patronize his business,” Patricia Foster said.

Harris believes these discussions are a sign of a successful experiment.

“I’ve had some good conversations with people of all ethnicities,” Harris said. “In the end, it’s just a flag. It’s part of Georgia’s history. It’s part of the south’s history. It’s not going away.”

Harris tells 41NBC his landlord received a complaint and asked him to take down the Confederate flag. He says it will stay flying until he switches the flag out for a new one next week.

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