Macon Rescue Mission Art

If you can’t explain it, don’t sweat it. If you don’t know where it comes from, just go with it. If it’s something you’re good at, just do it. That’s Timothy Hedden’s motto.

Hedden is an artist who looks at life a little differently than most. He creates artwork that he says, is inspired by something a little bit higher than himself.

“It’s entrusting what I don’t see, through my faith. I trust in God basically, to carry what I envision,” he says.

And he envisions angels. Angels created on paper, to watch over those who need it most. Like the women at the Macon Rescue Shelter.

A gift he was given from above, donated to the shelter for the women to enjoy.

“Angels are here to assist or to help. And so that’s my desire that the angels will assist and help other people by encouraging them. Encourage their faith, find hope. Focus on the good in life,” Hedden says.

Hedden also says he doesn’t exactly know where the inspiration comes from, or how he gets it. He says it “just sort of shows up”.


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