Macon principal in favor of bill adding time to elementary recess

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – School recess might be getting longer across the state.

A bill just passed through the state house of representatives Friday, and a Macon elementary school principal is in favor.

“I cannot imagine a school that doesn’t allow children to have that freedom of expression and that freedom of movement,” said Vineville Academy Principal Kristy Graham.

Elementary students learn a lot of words and what they mean.

“This just gives them that freedom to learn hey, I can jump high, I can run fast, I can do these things,” said Graham.

When they hear recess, that means freedom.

“It gives kids a chance to get active,” said second grader Emmaleigh Brannen.

“Running around and having fun is part of exercising,” said second grader Annabelle Brannen.

“They get to develop their leadership skills, be with one another, talk with one another, and that gives them the time to grow as a student,” said Graham. “You can talk to any of our children, they’re going to tell you how much they love being outside, how much they love being with each other.”

And so is most of the Georgia House of Representatives.

They passed House Bill 273, which mandates at least a 30 minute recess for elementary students across the state.

“Just giving them a little bit more time to come outside, socialize, and to align their internal balance even longer would just give them a little bit more time to be refocused back inside,” said Graham.

Graham has found recess is more than just having fun outside; it helps students learn inside.

“They are more focused to their task at hand, they’re aligned to the subject matter,” said Graham. “They’re able to concentrate more because they’ve been able to come outside and get those silly willies out and energize themselves.”

Now, students across the state will see what recess means to the Georgia senate.

Students at Vineville Academy already have 25 minutes for recess.

They’ll soon have a new playground to enjoy, paid for by E-SPLOST money and parental donations.

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