Macon Police Urge you to Be Alert, After Another Carjacking

Recent carjacking incidents in Macon have police reminding you to be aware of your surroundings.

Police arrested 26-year-old Jarvis Kentral Ottman, after he carjacked a woman at the Kwik Trip on Hardeman Avenue Saturday. The victim knew Ottman from high school. He asked for a ride to the Booker T. Washington Center, but when they arrived, the suspect instructed her to get out of the vehicle, pushed her out of the car and drove off. Officers arrested Ottman for Robbery by Force, among other charges later that night.

Macon Police have seen other incidents like this so they’re encouraging you to be cautious. 

1. Don’t oblige strangers with a ride in your car.

2. Don’t offer transportation to anyone with whom you’re not completely familiar. Confine your helpfulness to people you know and you can vouch for their character.

3. Don’t carry an abundance of credit cards, cash, or valuables.

4. When walking in parking lots, on city streets, and in neighborhoods, try and stay in well-lit places. Avoid walking alone in remote areas.

5. Don’t stop and don’t oblige strangers when you are asked for money, a cigarette, change, or the time. Keep walking.

6. Avoid using ATM’s during late night and early morning hours. You are a target, particularly when no one is nearby.

7. In shopping centers, try to park as close to the store you’re visiting as possible.  Try to shop and walk with other people, if possible.

8. Stay aware of your surroundings at all time. If you feel uneasy in a parking lot or on the street, return to a store or place of business and ask someone to escort you to your car.

9. If you are leaving your residence, let someone you know and trust know where you are going and when you plan to return.

10. If you have a car remote control with a horn mechanism, use it if you see someone suspicious or feel threatened.

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