Pharmacist makes hand sanitizer to slow spread of COVID-19

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — A Macon pharmacist aims to fight the spread of COVID-19 by making hand sanitizer.

Matthew Frazier, the owner of Your Corner Drugstore, partnered with Macon Beverage Outlet to make and distribute 70 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

With many stores out of stock, Frazier making close to 500-gallon buckets.

“We probably made 150 gallons up to this point and we still have 120 orders that we haven’t filled yet,” said the pharmacist.

Frazier says that he started the process about a week ago when the Macon Chamber of Commerce contacted businesses to help with the pandemic crisis. He started with a small 100 milliliter batch of the sanitizer in his store laboratory .

Now, orders are coming from all over the nation.

“We’ve actually shipped some as far as Washington state. I shipped some up to Alpharetta. I shipped some down to Florida,” Frazier said.

People were even willing to wait outside the drugstore for hand sanitizer, as the store allowed one customer in at a time.

The pharmacist says a big component of the sanitizer is drinking alcohol donated by Macon Beverage Outlet. Frazier mixes the alcohol with a gel that he formulated, making the sanitizer 100 percent effective for killing bacteria.

“[I] take the grain alcohol stock solution at 95 percent,” Frazier said. “I do the calculations to put it in the gel and bring it down to a 70 percent concentration.”

Evie Hargrove, a pharmacy customer tells me she’s not at all surprised by the neighborhood pharmacist.

“That’s him. That he is making it out of his own pocket. He’s a good person,” shared Hargrove.

Frazier says individuals or businesses can visit the drugstore and purchase as little as 2 oz. or as many gallons as needed.

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