Macon Mayoral Candidate Reacts to Prostitution Arrests

Candidate for Macon Mayor Robert Brown revealed his plan to rid the city of crime on Friday.

If elected mayor, his goal is to ban illegal bars and prostitutes within two years.

“Wherever they want to go outside of Macon. I would be the mayor of Macon, I would not be the mayor of Warner Robins or the mayor of Atlanta…wherever they want to go, but they couldn’t do the business here.”

After four arrests were made on Brentwood Avenue, neighbors say there is still more work that needs to be done. They want to see the prostitutes off their neighborhood streets for good.

“I want them to go to jail. If they’re going to keep selling their bodies and putting themselves out like that they can get diseases…they need to get help,” said April Powell.

Powell says she’s seen streetwalkers go in and out of the shed in her backyard.

Drug paraphernalia, used condoms and human feces ruined some of the neglected buildings and made them homes for criminal activity.

Rufus Burnes wishes the area would clean up.

“I think the police need to ride the neighborhood more.”

Community members aren’t blind to what’s happening. They say it’s an age-old problem they’ve seen for years.

Burnes says, “I’m tired of the streetwalkers, I’m tired of them disrespecting us.”

If Robert Brown is elected mayor, he says “I will focus like a laser beam on making sure that the crime problem in Macon, Georgia is adequately addressed.”

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