Macon Interim Dept. Heads Must be Hired from Within

The field of workers eligible to serve as interim department heads in Macon reduced significantly Tuesday night.

Macon City Council approved an ordinance that says only current city employees can be appointed as interim department heads.

 The ordinance was proposed by Councilman Henry Ficklin, after Mayor Robert Reichert appointed Shawn Fritz as the interim public works director, who was not a city employee.

 Council members want current employees to reap the benefits of working for the city, and if opportunities open up they should have the first shot.

“We hear through the grapevine and of course we have heard that there are two other vacancies. Mr. Langstaff is to be retiring on the 10th and of course we already have a vacancy in the finance office and if this pattern continues it certainly doesn’t speak well of our government,” said Councilman Henry Ficklin.

Five council members voted against Ficklin’s ordinance because it didn’t go through a committee and the proper voting procedure.

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