Macon couple arrested for child endangerment reunited with son

JEFFERSONVILLE, Georgia (WMGT/41NBC) – A 15 year-old boy will go home to his family after a judge in Twiggs County ruled to return custody to his parents who are facing charges of reckless conduct.

For Matthew and Suzeanna Brill, Monday morning was an emotional one. Almost three months after losing their son to the state for giving him marijuana to treat his seizures, they were reunited–and overjoyed about it.

“He gets to go home. I mean there’s really no describing it. He gets to go home,” said David’s mother Suzeanna.

Sheer bliss was the only way to describe hugging her son David Ray for the first time since regaining custody.

“I’m happy to be with my mom because she knows my seizures best and all that along with my step dad,” David told 41NBC.

Brill and her Husband Matthew lost custody in April, when they were arrested and charged for giving him marijuana to remedy his frequent seizures.

“My darkest day was while sitting in Twiggs County Jail for six days wondering if my son was going to live.”

Now, months later, they’re rejoicing a lighter day.

“As soon as he said that he agreed with DFACS recommendation to come home…I melted,” his mother said.

A day they believe is a first step toward justice after a family court judge ruled in their favor under terms of a year-long protective order.

“Returning him to his parents was the right decision for everyone involved. There are other legal issues that will continue,” said Brill’s attorney Lauren Deal.

The next step is getting David the help he needs and charges against them both dismissed.

They say they’re ready to fight the state, the courts and the law for their son and others like him.

Under the year-long protective order, David’s family will be required to maintain visits from DFACS twice a month, submit monthly drug tests for David, and continue to ensure he is taking his prescribed medications.

Right now they’re working with a doctor out of Atlanta to get David on the registry for medical cannabis.

Brill says their next legal hurdle is getting charges dismissed against them for giving David the drugs to begin with.

She says it’s a possibility she’d be an advocate for legalization in the state with a legislative session coming up in January.

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