Macon City Council Pays 1.2 Million into Police and Fire Pension

Tuesday night Macon City Council unanimously voted to spend $1.2 million to fully fund the Macon-Bibb county fire and police pension.

The city of Macon was contributing just around 6-percent, but will now pay 16.44 percent of sworn officers and firemen’s salaries.

City councilman Henry Ficklin says supporting the pension is the right thing to do, but will make for tight budget sessions in the future.

“They’ve been faithful to the citizens of Macon and they need to have their pension fully funded, it’s state law that they are supposed to be funded at 16.44 and I don’t understand how they can get away without funding it,” said Ficklin.

Ficklin says the city is still two years behind on paying into the pension, and will have to come up with ways to catch up.

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