Macon City Council Committee Wants City To Go ‘Smoke Free’

Macon city council met today, where members presented the proposal to enforce a ‘smoke free’ policy for the city.

Seven members are backing the proposal, citing smoking in public is a public health issue, especially relating to second hand smoke.

Savannah, and cities around the world, have already adopted a smoke free policy. Council members say Macon is a progressive city, and should adopt a similar resolution.

The proposal would ban smoking in public places like bars and restaurants, and any other indoor establishment.

The proposal would not outlaw smoking outside on streets, or in open public areas.

The ban would only be enforced at indoor public establishments. However, if a restaurant or bar has an outdoor patio, smoking would be allowed on that open patio.

“I think it’s a good initiative. I think citizens are going to enjoy it and appreciate it,” Macon city councilman Henry Ficklin explained. “We didn’t like it when they said ‘buckle up’, but we buckle up now and it saves lives.”

The proposal will now go the the full city coucil for a vote.

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