Macon Chamber of Commerce says Downtown is thriving

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)- Entrepreneurs, investors, and store owners are replacing vacant buildings downtown with bars, restaurants, and businesses.

The Macon Chamber of Commerce says Macon is beginning to thrive a lot better than it did months ago.

Daiquiri bars, restaurants, and shops are opening up downtown and ready to leave their footprint in Macon.

The President and CEO of the Macon Chamber of Commerce Yvonne Williams says there’s a strong case of transformation with older structures into viable and livable spaces.

This means that older, dilapidated buildings and stores are being purchased and made into something new and unique.

Williams says culture, art, music and fine dining are just a few areas where Macon thrives and brings in tourists and business.

Williams also says that Macon has great connectivity to parks and downtown areas.

People can walk, bike, and use other means of transportation throughout the city to get from place to place.

Williams has seen great business plans downtown and says the new businesses will be successful in the future based off of the success of other new businesses.

Breweries have also been popping up downtown and Williams says she believes they will continue to do so.

Williams believes that people are talking up Macon and colleges are bringing in young people who find a way to plug in to the town and help it thrive.

She says it’s affordable, there is less traffic and you live a life here in Macon. She only sees success in the future.

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