Macon business owner calls Vineville ‘International Speedway’

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A Macon business owner says drivers are speeding up and down Vineville Avenue, and it’s dangerous.

Plus, it’s affecting his customers.

“Everybody’s frustrated,” said Jeff Button, owner of Off The Vine on Vineville Avenue, talking about drivers. “Like they have somewhere to be all the time.”

Enjoying a good glass of wine takes some patience.

“It’s something you spend your time enjoying, slowly,” said Button. “You can come in and enjoy yourself and have a glass.”

But Off The Vine owner Jeff Button has lost his for drivers coming down Vineville Avenue.

“Apparently nobody realizes that there’s a speed limit here,” said Button.

The speed limit sign says 35 miles an hour, but Button’s sign has a more detailed message.

“So I thought I’ll just put something else up there as a reminder and maybe somebody might think about it,” said Button.

The sign reads: “Welcome to Vineville International Speedway. Apparently, it’s a no ticket zone.”

“I’ve witnessed people eating drinking, texting, reading books, as they ride down the road and I look out the window, I don’t think there’s another business as close to the road as I am,” said Button.

Off the Vine has 40 wines on tap, and has a place for folks to relax.

“(There’s) a place to sit over here, it’s a nice little comfortable area back here,” said Button.

But Button says his business has suffered because of the speeding.

“The customers don’t like to pull it and out, you–you’re pulling out and the light is red down at Jim Shaw’s and before you can even get across the road, it’s changed and they’re on top of you,” said Button.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says deputies have written 24 speeding citations and 131 warnings in the area in the last three months.

“I’ve contacted Sheriff Davis several times,” said Button. “He’s emailed me said they would pay more attention. I realize they can’t just sit here all day. This isn’t the only road they speed on.”

Button hopes his sign can make a difference by encouraging patience.

“Nothing slows them down,” said Button.

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