Macon-Bibb Mayor Lester Miller considering red light cameras

Red light cameras currently don't exist in Macon-Bibb County, but Mayor Lester Miller says he's considering them.
Traffic safety

Mayor Miller posted to his Facebook page asking for opinions, and says the comments are evenly split.

“A lot of people want to look at that in their areas,” he said. “There are several red lights they want to look at that at. Some people think it’s just a revenue trap. There are some issues where people are concerned about loaning their vehicle to someone else.”

Timothy Johnson lives in northwest Georgia but visits Macon for work regularly. Johnson says he’s not against red light cameras but is against installing them without notification.

“I’d much rather know that a camera will be installed and know it’s purpose,” he said. “And then people can make a good decision about if they’re going to take a risk or are they going to follow the law.”

Linda Malone has lived in Macon all of her life. Malone says she sees people run red lights all the time and would support red light cameras.

“I’m totally for it,” she said. “I mean anything for the good. If anyone is doing something like that and breaking the law, then I’m for it.”

Mayor Miller says the purpose of red light cameras is to improve safety.

“I don’t care if it’s revenue neutral,” he said. “We want to make sure we have an opportunity to be safe. We’ll see what the research and the study shows, and we’ll see what the commissioners want to do on that and listen to the community.”

Mayor Miller says his first option would be to hire more deputies, but the issue is getting people to apply.

“We have to look for plan B if the patrol is not there, even though we have the money to hire them,” he said. “What’s our second option? So maybe we just pick a few of the worst places in Macon-Bibb County and try to target those with some red light cameras and see how it works.”

The county will make a decision on the cameras within the next three to six months.

Additionally, Mayor Miller says crews will install school zone cameras soon. He estimates they’ll be in most school zones within the next six to eight weeks. Once they’re installed, there will be a 30-day education period before tickets are issued.

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