Macon-Bibb County Commissioners Stall Healthcare Approval

(MACON, Georgia/41WMGT)- Macon-Bibb County Board of Commissioners decided to stall vote on the approval of the new healthcare regulation.

On October 14th, the Mayor’s Office presented a new healthcare plan to save money.

The plan included increasing retirees healthcare premium by 25 percent, removing the $388 healthcare supplement given to all Macon-Bibb county retirees and if the retiree’s spouse works for a company that gives healthcare, they would automatically be taken off of the county’s healthcare plan.

Removing the $388 healthcare supplement would save the county $2.4 million.

Commissioners decided to only increase retirees premiums by ten percent, and to not remove the $388 healthcare supplement, or remove retirees from their healthcare plans.

Tonight’s meeting at city hall was filed with Macon-Bibb retirees protesting of the new plan.

“I want to tell the board of commissions that they need to live up to the promise that we were given, when we spent those many years working for the county,” Mildred Ethel said. “I need my money and healthcare.”

During the meeting some commissioners voiced different amendments about the new healthcare plan.

District Three Commissioner Elaine Lucas motioned for the healthcare plan to go back into committee, to discuss those new amendments.

The approval of the plan will be held in city hall next Tuesday at 6pm.

Other highlights included the approval of $920,102.84 to Womack Paving Inc. for patchwork, repair, and resurfacing of various streets and roads in Macon-Bibb County.

And the approval of Independent Portfolio Consultants Inc. to handle pension plans for the county.

They will replace Merrill Lynch because the company no longer operates pension assets. 

Commissioners also moved the proposed ordinance of making downtown Macon 21+ to committee.

They will decide next Tuesday on the ordinance.

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