Macon-Bibb Commissioner: Property taxes will not increase

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The millage rate in Macon-Bibb is going up.

But that doesn’t mean residents will be paying more in property taxes.

He wants to make it clear:

“If a homeowner had no change in assessment, they will pay no additional tax,” said Macon-Bibb Commissioner Gary Bechtel.

The millage rate will not be going up this year.

“So, that’s the bottom line,” said Bechtel.

Bechtel wants to set everyone straight to prevent any confusion.

“Because of the change in designation and the wording of the law, we had to publish it as a tax increase,” said Bechtel.

But it’s not.

“The city managed then ran the fire services,” said Bechtel. “And the county paid the city for that service into the unincorporated areas because it was basically a consolidated service.”

Before Macon-Bibb consolidated, there were two separate designations of the millage rate.

Residents outside the city paid the general millage rate and a fire protection rate.

But with consolidation, the fire tax will not be a separate tax.

“Due to the fact that we still have the fire protection, and we’re consolidated, that 2.649 was rolled into the general millage,” said Bechtel.

Instead, it’s all compacted into one rate–your taxes aren’t going up unless the value of your home increased in the past year.

“It is not a tax increase in terms of what a home owner will pay. They will pay no additional tax if their assessment did not change,” said Bechtel.

Bechtel adds the law that says they had to put it in the paper as a tax increase had unintended consequences.

The mayor will clear it up further at Tuesday night’s Commissioner’s meeting at the Macon-Bibb government center.

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