Local woman opens pool for dogs

Patti Jones opened Fur Fix in Macon to help aging dogs and dogs with ailments.

Jones wanted to help her aging dogs and decided to look into aquatics. So she learned about water works and water massage for dogs, then went through training and decided to offer the service to Middle Georgians.

“There hasn’t been one in this area, so it just seemed like the perfect thing to do,” Jones said. “Because I know my dogs would benefit from it and certainly others would too.”

Dogs can go to Fur Fix for recreation, exercise and recuperation. It is appointment only though, and requires veterinary approval. All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations too. Jones says she’s already had clients visit the pool, and had dogs with similar issues as hers. She says they were uncomfortable and stiff at first, but:

“Once they got in the water and they can move freely in a low impact environment, their range of motion and mobility was just really wonderful,” said Jones.

Lisa Goss is a volunteer with All About Animals Rescue. She says just like humans, keeping your dog active helps them when they get older. She says exercise also helps with stress and anxiety levels.

“Activity helps you with your mobility. I know a lot of my runner friends exercise with their dogs and it actually helps you bond with the dogs,” Goss said.

Jones says the pool can be an enhancement to a dogs health.

“They truly are a family member and so you would do whatever you could to improve your family members quality of life,” said Jones.

If you want to make an appointment for your dog

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