Local standardized test will not be part of Houston County students’ final grades

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The standardized test causing an uproar among some Houston County parents will no longer be part of students’ final grades.

“Some are good at it, some are not so good at it, but when it tanks an entire system that is a big problem,” said Tracy Cummings, a parent of a Houston County high school junior.

Cummings describes her daughter as a well above average student. She said her daughter takes AP and honors classes. That is why she was surprised when her daughter told her she scored a “C” on a new standardized test.

“Which tanked her GPA. It made her feel really bad and then I got a little angry,” recalled Cummings.

The Student Learning Objectives, or SLO, test is locally developed and aims to see how much students learned over the school year.

“It’s administered as a pre-test at the beginning of school and then a post-test is administered at the end of the course,” explained Houston County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Scott.

The post-test grade was supposed to be factored into students’ GPA’s, but Dr. Scott decided not to do that after scores revealed the test may be too hard.

“I think we were a little over zealous with making sure that we were really doing what we need to be doing in the classroom. We’ve got some things we need to learn from it,” said Dr. Scott.

Dr. Scott explained the scores will be reviewed to see how the school system can change the test to reflect the students’ knowledge.

“We look to make some adjustments and edit those tests. There are some questions that will probably be thrown out,” furthered Dr. Scott.

While Cummings would have preferred for Dr. Scott to make this decision earlier, she’s happy her daughter is now stress free.

The SLO tests are a state requirement. The school district creates the exams for classes that do not have a state standardized test.

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