Local doctors give advice on how to avoid overeating at Thanksgiving

Dietitians warn that you should watch your portions this holiday season.

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)– As we prepare for all of the Thanksgiving food, some of you may be getting your sweatpants out. Local health experts though, want to warn you that may not be the best thing .

According to the Calorie Count Council, people take in between 3,000 and 4,500 calories on average at Thanksgiving celebrations. That’s about 1000 calories more than we are supposed to consume.

“Chances are is that your blood sugar is going to be elevated, and then you’re not going to feel real good,” said Lisa Carter, a dietitian with Atrium Health Navicent. “You’ll probably be really tired, and it’ll be hard to tell is it the turkey that’s making me tired or is it my blood sugar that’s making me tired.”

To avoid bloating and that infamous Thanksgiving nap, Carter recommends monitoring portion sizes and eating festive foods rather than filling up on everything.

“Don’t use one of those big platter plates for your thanksgiving meal, try to get as close to a 9 inch plate as possible. If you portion your plate in half, half of your plate should be vegetables, and then about a deck of cards worth for your protein, so for a lot of us that’s going to be turkey so that’s one corner or quarter of your plate and then on the other quarter or corner is going to be some kind of starch.”

When choosing those healthier options, Georgia Grown says there are plenty of local farms that would be happy to help in choosing the right thing to eat.

Happy Wyatt, a representative from Georgia Grown, explains when food is grown and sourced locally, there is no added sodium or sugar. It makes for a healthier option to put on the table.

“It’s just fresh and perfect, and it may take a little bit of extra work but you get the benefit of that nutrition and it’s nice that you can just wash and go and not worry about pesticides.. or about what’s been put on it,” Wyatt explained.

Dietitians at Atrium Health Navicent say portion control and healthier options are key to keeping off those holiday pounds.



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