Limited driving permits available to first time DUI offenders beginning July

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A year and three months after legislators passed a bill that would grant limited driving privileges to first time DUI offenders, the law will finally go into effect beginning July 1st.

For many, the one night that became a nightmare won’t impact their day to day routine as drastically. Driving under the influence is known to end lives, but now first time DUI offenders can consider the Department of Driver Service’s new limited driving permit a life saver.

“The way the interlock device works is, it’s a mechanism attached to the car and you have to blow into, and the sensor determines if you’ve been drinking. If there’s any sense that you have been the car won’t start,” said State Sen. John F. Kennedy.

Beginning July 1st, the Department of Driver Services will give people in danger of a suspended license another option besides waiting on an administrative hearing to appeal the suspension.

“What 205 does is allow a person before they go for their administrative suspension hearing, to get an ignition interlock device installed on their car by a licensed dealer,” said Solicitor Rebecca Grist.

State Senator Kennedy says it will not only save the lives of others on the road, but it’ll also save DUI offenders a lot of the hassle that comes with revoked driving privileges.

“For those who have made that mistake or have that problem but want to get back and make sure that they’re not under the influence when they drive, they can now go to work and do things most of us take for granted with driving privileges,” he said.

The permit only allows a driver to go to school, work, or to any other mandatory activities they may have. Many of the devices have cameras attached.

“This kind of adds an extra layer of protection that you’re not consuming alcohol and trying to drive but it also allows for people to have a less restrictive drivers license during that pending time,” Grist added.

It isn’t total freedom but they hope it’ll make the roads a safer place for everyone. The permit requires a person to apply within 30 days of being notified that your license is up for suspension and it can’t involve fatalities or serious injury.

You also can’t have any other suspensions or revocations on your license and must be licensed in Georgia to qualify.

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