Large car company is holding back its new unveiling

Tesla has postponed the unveiling a new product today, something the CEO calls ‘most unexpected’.

But now he’s delayed the much promoted announcement for two days.

He says it needs refinement.

Well, there’s lot of speculation.

There are rumors that it could be a modified version of Tesla’s model x SUV, a vehicle many are implying to as the model y.

Another idea is a more sophisticated camera that would make Tesla vehicles safer than before.

Perhaps the biggest sign that it’s time to throw in the towel on your job is that pit-in-your-stomach feeling some of us get when the weekend comes to a close, AKA the “Sunday night blues.

While the sunday blues are commons, a monster survey says if you spend every sunday feeling anxious, depressed, or fearful —then it’s probably time to move on.

Experts say the anxiety can spill into your weekend, and not just steal your joy, but compromise your health, too.

Stocks lost early gains and ended Friday barely higher.

The DOW finished up 39 points.

Banks and technology companies traded higher, while stocks that pay large dividends fell thanks to a jump in bond yields.

Adults who skip vaccines cost the u-s economy nearly 9 billion dollars a year.

This demonstrates the importance of personal responsibility in bringing down health care costs.

The study published in ‘Health Affairs’ found the mostly costly preventable disease was the flu, which cost the country 5 and three quarters billion dollars.

The Box Office is sluggish so far this fall.

Comscore says its down 16 percent compared to a year ago.

‘Sully’ has been the best performing movie so far this fall, bringing in 118 million dollars.

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