4th of July fireworks, pet safety tips

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)- Independence day is a couple of days away, so remember to keep your pets in mind.

Fireworks are loud and overwhelming for pets. Therefore, taking steps to reduce anxiety will help them get through the night.

Lauren Albert is a co-owner for Serenity K-9, a dog and behavior training program. She has been working with dogs for 7 years.

Albert offers advice for pet owners during the 4th of July. She says taking safety measures is ideal.

“Make sure your dog is microchipped or has its tags on before fireworks start going off,” Albert said.

She says this is because if a dog leaves the yard due to noise, it makes it easier for the dog to be returned home.

Albert also suggests bringing outside dogs in and giving all dogs a safe space in the home.

If the dog is crate trained, putting it in its crate during fireworks can help reduce anxiety.

Albert says you don’t want to discipline your dogs if they have an accident in the house while fireworks are going off.

“Training your dog for next year and working on how your dog deals with noise is a good way to prepare for the next 4th of July,” Albert said.

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