Jones County Sheriff’s Office supports Harris County Sheriff’s ‘politically incorrect’ sign

GRAY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Jones County Sheriff’s Office supports the Harris County Sheriff’s sign that says the county is ‘politically incorrect’ and asks those who disagree to leave.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page shared an article about sign with the caption ‘Thanks Sheriff Jolley we couldn’t agree more.’ 

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley put the sign up in front of his department Tuesday. The sign reads: “Warning: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our toops and our flag. If this offends you, leave!”

“Sheriff Jolley said it best when he said the silent majority needs to stand up,” said Capt. Guy Mosteller with the Jones County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Jolley said he paid for the sign himself and wanted to give voice to what he considers to be a “silent majority.”

“We need to get back to what this country is based on and the Founding Father’s based it on Christianity and our belief in God,” said Capt. Mosteller.

Sheriff Jolley added he has received overwhelming support from the community and plans to install more of the signs around the county. He said some residents have offered to pay for them.

“That’s what our country is based on. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and that’s exactly what Sheriff Jolley was trying to [say]. Too many folks are just sitting back and not saying anything and it’s time to not be silent anymore,” explained Capt. Mosteller.

Not everyone supports the sign. The American Humanist Association sent a letter to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office claiming the sign violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause that commands separation of church and state. The letter reads “it is beyond clear that the sheriff’s explicitly anti-atheist sign, prominently placed on government property and with the government’s approval violated the Establishment Clause.” To read the entire letter click here.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Office sees no problem with Sheriff’s Jolley’s sign.

“We’re supposed to be supportive of our troops and of our flag. When you go to different sporting events and you see folks not removing their hat for the National Anthem, not wanting to say the word God in our pledge of allegiance, taking ‘in God we trust’ off our currency… that’s not what we’re based on,” said Capt. Mosteller.

The majority of the comments on the Jones County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook post are positive, asking for a sign to be installed in Jones County. One person said they would donate a similar sign to Jones County and all law enforcement departments. Capt. Mosteller said it’s highly possible the Jones County Sheriff’s Office would consider taking up that offer.

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