Woman clings to speeding car as thieves take $10,000 puppy

HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC/NBC News) — Police in Houston, Texas are searching for a man wanted in connection with a dramatic dognapping and assault.

It happened on November 4th when a couple entered the Bully Kamp pet store and said they wanted to buy a puppy priced at $10,000.

As Bully Kamp’s Alize James went upstairs to grab paperwork for a nearby UPS driver, the couple left the store with the dog.

Surveillance cameras caught the couple leaving, and James bolting after them.  She says her only concern was the 7-month-old bully, who just had surgery days earlier and needed special medication.

“My mind is focused on her health, I obviously didn’t care about my wellbeing,” James says.

She chased the couple to their car and demanded they give the dog back.  Instead, they hit her with the car, then threatened to run her over.

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