Houston County Celebrates Doctor King

Marchers took to the streets in Houston County today. People of all ages hit the pavement to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. March organizer, Johnny Kirk, says today is more than a holiday, it’s an opportunity to continue King’s dream and legacy.

“Yah know, I just feel we should never lay at home on this day and take it as a holiday. We should get out and support the activities,” said Kirk.

“We’re still together as one. We’re out here making history just like he did for us and it’s something that we have to continue on not just for us but for the next generation and the generation after that,” said marcher Elaine Wilson.

Walkers marched from Union Grove Baptist Church to First Baptist Church. There, marchers met up with hundreds of others to celebrate King’s life over breakfast. The 15th Annual Unity Breakfast and Scholarship Presentation is held for the Warner Robins community, but specifically for children. Committee Chairman, Ira Foster, says this event is geared towards young people so they don’t take their rights today for granted.

“We want our children to know and understand that blacks in this country were not where we are currently and that if it had not been for Dr. King and his contribution to the civil rights movement we would probably not be where we are today.”

The MLK events in Houston County were sponsored by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

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