Hope for broadband in rural Georgia

MACON, Georgia (41NBC-WMGT)- The Joint High Speed Broadcast Communications Access For All Georgians Study Committee met this afternoon at the Farm Bureau in Macon. The committee is composed of five members of the Senate and five members of the House of Representatives.

The committee’s concern is that rural areas throughout Georgia don’t have high speed broadband. This not only affects households, but businesses and professionals as well. Health care, law enforcement, economic development, education and even farmers rely on high speed broadband. Because they may be located in rural areas, they are not always able to connect to broadband.

Jasper County Sheriff, Donnie Pope, expressed his concerns at the meeting. He said that because of the rural areas not having access to high-speed broadband, it makes his and his deputies’ jobs harder.

Sheriff Pope said if the state made high-speed broadband more accessible, “the deputies that are on the road to be able to do their job more effectively and to be able to utilize technology.”
Different speakers shared their views on this problem. A few of them disagreed and stated that getting high-speed broadband in rural areas will cost too much money and take money out of people’s pockets. They also believe that there are different alternatives.

The committee doesn’t have an exact plan on what their next move is, but they’re hoping to take the ideas discussed today into consideration.


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