Under The Hood: Importance of checking your tire pressure

In this segment Under The Hood, Sam talks about the tire pressure for your car’s tires. He says they check their own air pressure, but they’re not sure about exactly how much air to put in that tire. 

“[People] oftentimes go to the tire and look on the sidewall, and there is an air pressure designation on the tire. And this one says, ‘44 pounds,’” Sam said. “Now the designation that’s on the tire itself, it says, ‘44 pounds max.’” 

Tire Safety

Sam deems it a safety issue that you should never put over 44 pounds in the tire. That does not tell you how much air to put in your tire. 

“If you did that, your car would bounce like a rubber ball,” Sam said. “To find out the right air pressure, you always go to a car door jamb. In the door jamb on the driver’s side, car manufacturers put the right amount of air for the front and for the rear.” 

And oftentimes, the front air pressure is different from the rear tire pressure. So be sure and get that right. 

If you’ll do this, your car will drive the best and you’ll get the most mileage out of your tires.

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