Under The Hood: Importance of having a brake job

In this segment of Under the Hood, Sam Raffield talks about brakes and when you should have a brake job done on your car.

Sam said, “Now everybody knows that when you have brake noise that could be a safety issue for you and your family. So, when you hear a brake noise, you need to go have it checked out.

“I want to tell you quickly what’s happening when you hear that brake noise. Your car has got rotors and pads squeezed against that rotor to stop your vehicle. Now these brake pads have got a wear indicator bar that is put on that brake pad so that it’ll make a noise and warn you that it’s time to replace your brakes.”

Sam says if you ignore that warning, your brakes could get metal on metal because the pads are worn out.

“They’ll start digging holes into that rotor, which is not a good thing,” Sam said. “You could have a brake failure, and you’re also ruining a brake rotor, which are expensive, so you don’t want to do that.”

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