Holiday Miracles 12-22-10: The Moore Family

Heating coils are all that keep the Moore home warm.

They wrote a letter to 41 NBC News asking for help.  It said they moved into a new home off Bloomfield Road this year and there wasn’t enough money in the budget to pay the electric bill or buy toys for Christmas.

“I had already talked to my kids and told them that I might not be able to get them what they wanted,” Tamela Moore said.

The oldest of the six children, 13-year-old Devondre, said he hasn’t had presents underneath the tree in four years.

“If my mom pays for all of our gifts she won’t be able to pay the light bill and we will celebrate Christmas in the dark,” he wrote.  “And because I’m the oldest, my mom won’t get me anything.”

Then came a holiday miracle–toys, footballs, beads and new bikes–the Moore family learned that miracles can happen anywhere.

Tamela watched 1-year-old Barry and 7-year-old Kee Kee unwrap their new toys.

“It feels good cause if they’re happy, that makes me happy,” she said.

4-year-old Tametrice couldn’t have been happier with her new doll, even though her Cerebral Palsy can sometimes make playing difficult.

“The most important thing is that we’re together,” Tamela said.  “That’s what Christmas is really about.”

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