Holiday Miracles 12-20-13: The Kindred Family

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – 12-year-old Maya just wanted her three younger siblings, 8-year-old Sallen, 5-year-old Adien and 3-year-old Andrew, to have a good Christmas. 

Life hasn’t been easy for the four kids.

“My aunt and uncle take care of my two sisters, brother and me,” Maya wrote in her letter to 41NBC.  “Our mom went to jail for many things. At first, just my sister and me were taken away while her and my stepfather were in jail.”

Later, Matthew and Carolyn Kindred also took in the two youngest kids.

The family only has one car.  Matthew is working two jobs right now to support the family, so on most days, the car is with him.

“Me being the oldest out of my siblings, I am worried about them getting hurt,” Maya wrote.  “If they do, we will have no way to get them to the hospital. I understand that other people need a car, but it would mean a lot if we won.”

We didn’t get the family a new car, but the looks on the kids’ faces when they saw what 41NBC and our sponsors were able to give them this Christmas (a ton of toys, clothes, and Maya’s personal favorite: a new MP3 player) shows a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

“Thank you so much,” Maya says.  “I honestly didn’t expect to win. I really didn’t.”

We actually received two letters on behalf of the Kindreds. The other was written by a family friend, who’d known the Kindreds for about eight years.

He said once when he was going through some hard times, Matthew and Carolyn paid for him to stay in a hotel for a week. He wanted to do something to return the favor, and thanks to our sponsors, we were able to make his wish come true.


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