Holiday Miracles 12-19-12: The Garrison Family


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Three years ago, Will Garrison found out he had cancer.

He had surgery to remove it from his body, but it’s come back.

“I can show y’all,” says Garrison.  “It was on my arm.  It’s going up to my esophagus now, and they’re going to do surgery next probably January or February.  (I’m) getting it done through welfare again, and I hope they get it all this time.  I want them to cut it deep down to the bone.  I hope and pray to God that they get it all, because of my daughters.  Without me, they don’t have nothing.”

Garrison’s daughters, Katherine, who’s 20, and Chiann, who’s 12 and has autism, haven’t seen their mother since last year.

“Our situation changed and she wanted somebody definitely younger,” says Garrison.  “She went on the road on her own–did it on her own–and went away and left the girls here, and I’ve been raising them by myself.”

Since Garrison’s been out of work, he’s been low on funds.  He can’t afford simple house repairs or his power bill, and his car payment is past due, so he wrote to 41NBC to ask us for help.

We brought them plenty of clothes and food, but what Katherine really wanted this Christmas was a sewing machine.

“I like making accessories,” says Katherine, “like hairbows and stuff.  I know how to do that, but I also want to be able to make skirts and shirts and cute little tops and stuff.”

And Chiann? She got what she wanted, too: a brand new Nintendo DS.

I asked Chiann if she loved her dad, and she shook her head yes.  “He’s great,” she said.

“What y’all are doing, I just think that y’all are a God blessing to the Earth,” says her dad.  “Channel 41 is.”

Garrison wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and he couldn’t stop telling us how thankful he was.

He says if anyone deserves to get what they wanted this holiday season, hands down, it’s his girls.

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