Holiday Miracles 12-18-13: The Morgan Family

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – In our next Holiday Miracle, this family couldn’t have been more grateful.

41NBC gave a single father and his daughter a little holiday cheer, and packed their living room with gifts they had to see to believe.

Earnest Morgan read an excerpt from his letter:

“I’m unemployed–I have been for a little over a year. I seek work daily–I do odd jobs as they present themselves–raking leaves, washing cars, painting, etc., whatever I can. It’s very, very hard to live like this. And now, it’s the holidays–again. And I love to work. I even volunteer at my daughter’s school on a daily basis at Burdell-Hunt Elementary. I know that I’m not going to be able to get my daughter any Christmas, just, I can’t see it.”

But what Earnest did see, he could barely believe.

“I’m just kinda, elated, I mean, I’m overwhelmed at this point. I mean, you know, we do make wishes, but don’t all of them come true–this one came true. Thanks to you guys and everything.”

Earnest told me he knew we were coming–but he didn’t believe it until he saw the big 41 pull up.

Earnest and Ernesha have fought to make ends meet.

Ernest constantly looks for work, and Earnesha, Earnest’s daughter, has been doing well in school.

“(How do you feel right now, are you happy right now?) I’m very, very happy!” said Earnesha. “(Why do you like the bicycle?) It’s pink and purple and that’s my favorite color.”

Earnest was afraid he wouldn’t be able to give Ernesha the gifts she deserved for her good grades.

That’s when we stepped in–and now, the family’s future shines a little brighter.

“When I start back working, I’ll be able to give back. That means a lot, and I think my daughter will appreciate that a whole lot as we grow. In the summer time, I know we’ll have a lot more fun riding those bikes because we do like to spend a lot of quality time together so, that is awesome.”

And among the many smiles, Earnesha only had one problem–she has to wait until Christmas to open her gifts.


But Earnest said he just might let her sneak a few trips around the block on her new bike before the 25th.

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