Holiday Miracles 12-17-09: The Berryhill Family

This Christmas is different for a lot of Middle Georgia families who couldn’t afford to buy presents this year.

That’s why 41 NBC chose the Berryhill family for our holiday miracles. Ms. Berryhill sent us a letter saying she wanted toys for her grandaughters, 9-year old Taylor and 3 year old Trinity. She lives off a check every month, so its for the kids. ,>And groceries for her mother.

That’s it.  She said the times were just so hard. If you go to to the grocery store, you’re looking at $100 easy.  So she said she was just happy with groceries.

And we delivered on both requests.  Dozens of toys under the tree for both girls.  Now, a family’s looking forward to that special day.

Ms. Berryhill says her goal was to make sure her family was able to enjoy the holiday… And today… It’s mission accomplished.

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