“Hatched Baby” Turns Heads In Wisconsin

(NBC NEWS) Next time you go by the south side of City Hall in La Crosse, Wisconsin there’s no need to adjust your glasses or look twice.

What you see is actually there.

The “Hatched Baby” sculpture was created by artist Wolfgang Auer who is from Friedberg, Germany, a sister city of La Crosse.

“I think this is very interesting, it’s a distraction from normal everyday…whatever we might think is reality,” says La Crosse resident Mike Murphy.

The sculpture stands nine feet tall, and is one in a series made by Auer.

The “Hatched Baby” had been in Ohio before being brought to La Crosse last year and placed outside City Hall this week.

It has since drawn a lot of reaction, both positive and negative, on social media.

Some are calling it creepy and disturbing.

Read more: http://bit.ly/2Jv1r5C

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